David Arnold over Narnia

Narniafans.com deed een interview met David Arnold over zijn werk voor de 3e Narnia-film.

How did you handle taking the reigns from Harry Gregson-Williams? Can we expect to hear any of his prior established themes in the new material?

[…] It also helps as there is so much new stuff in this film to ‘hold hands’ musically with the previous two movies. I spoke about it with Harry as we are friends and he was pleased that we were including his work as often it doesn’t happen, but I am aware of the effect his music has on those who care about these films and I think it would be churlish and ignorant to dismiss it as anything other than essential. […]

 How much research did you do before you started? Did you read the book or screenplay to be sure and include any subtext in the music?

I re-read the entire Narnia series so I could immerse myself in the world. I didn’t re-watch the earlier movies but I wanted the spirit of the books in me. When I saw the film I realised that obviously things can’t be as they were exactly in the books, but I hope the music captures the spirit of what was intended by C.S.Lewis. […]

Lees hier het volledige interview.

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