De stilte van I Am Legend

Ik heb I Am Legend gezien in de bioscoop, een spannende film met een licht teleurstellend einde. Ik was al gauw fan van de filmmuziek van James Newton Howard. Althans, van de cd zo blijkt nu. Want de helft van de nummers op de cd komt helemaal niet voor in de film. Sterker nog, de film kent meer stilte dan muzikale begeleiding. Dat kan ik me echter slecht herinneren.

Musically I Am Legend took a much bolder risk. Whereas movies nowadays are packed with music and nothing else, director Francis Lawrence went for a much solemn choice. Basically more then half of the movie is covered with no music at all. In the beginning that adds a lot of emotional weight on the acting presence of Will Smith and the desolate New York city itself. Surprisingly but true, half of the score on the soundtrack of I Am Legend is not featured in the movie at all. It makes I Am Legend a new experience altogether, while being a strange one considering half of the unheard music turns out to be the best of all selections.

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